căutare electronică, echipamente informatice, accesorii în oraș Draganesti-Olt

Huawei P9 normal nu lite

Huawei P9 normal nu lite Draganesti-Olt

www.olx.ro 450 Draganesti-Olt

Aspect foarte bun Fara probleme de functionare Cutie, incarcator, casti Libere de retea, single si dual sim 32 gb, 3 gb ram Camere Leica Ofer garantie 30 zile. Pret fix 450 fiecare. Predare personala in draganesti-olt sau caracal.


VTECH Kidizoom SmartWatch DX2 copil SmartWatch verde

VTECH Kidizoom SmartWatch DX2 copil SmartWatch verde Draganesti-Olt

www.olx.ro 150 Draganesti-Olt

CESURILE SUNT NOI NEFOLOSITE PRET FIX Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2 - now with 2 cameras and new functions! Duo camera (above the display and on the front of the watch) for cool photos, videos and selfies LCD color touch display (1.41 ", 128 x 128 pixels) 256 MB internal memory Bewegunssensor USB port microphone Photo resolution: 0.3 MP Video resolution: 320 x 240 or 160 x 120, video length up to 60 seconds Functions : clock (digital and analog), take photos & shoot videos, record voice, alarm clock, 8 games & 3 movement sounds as well as a new monster search game, timer & stopwatch, pedometer, calendar, numerous funny photo effects (3D), self-made photos can be used as a background image & customizable clock face Flatter and more stylish design Different backgrounds for clock display (3D) splash-proof parental control Integrated Li-polymer battery (rechargeable via USB) Includes USB cable Automatic shutdown Additional content can be downloaded from the Download Manager


Samsung Note 9. Violet. Ca nou. 10/10. Dual sim.

Samsung Note 9. Violet. Ca nou. 10/10. Dual sim.  Draganesti-Olt

www.olx.ro 1850 Draganesti-Olt

Samsung Note 9. Ca nou. 10/10. Dual sim. Liber de retea. Vine insotit de incarcator si cablu date. Posibil si schimb cu telefon la care sa primesc diferenta. La schimb pretul creste. Ofer si cer seriozitate. Raspund rapid la mesaje olx.


Samsung s7 edge

Samsung s7 edge Draganesti-Olt

www.olx.ro 1300 Draganesti-Olt

Vand telefon samsung s7 edge arata 10/10 ,functioneaza 10/10 accept orice test.


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